The nuts and bolts of atheism: a sagacious scrutiny cum critique into its notoriety, oddity and nihility.


Atheism in the real sense of it falls within this domain. The other atheistic tendencies dwell here; neurotic, Marxist, rationalist, existentialist, postulatory, pseudo, radical etc atheism. This people doubts or denies the existence of God because is not sufficiently proved or all clear statements about God does not exist. It can be because of the supposed danger coming from God to human or ethical values.

Some see God who existed but is now dead meaning he does not exist. Those who see God as the self-projection of man in his perfect state, or those who saw God as an obnoxious nihilism of primitive mentality, those who advocate the death of God for the liberation of the proletariat from the bourgeoisie. Those who set out to dismantle the oppressive fabricandum on man. The positive theoretical atheists are those who not only assert the non- existence of God but who go a mile extra to elaborate whole arguments, schemes and systems to establish their unbelief or total rejection of theism. These people are not so much atheistic ad they are ‘anti-theism’. They set out to reconstruct the history and environment of man with a total extinction of the idea of God or what ever presupposes his existence like religion. According to Jacques Maritain, it is an acute struggle against whatever reminds one of God. These people without any doubt or misunderstanding sincerely deny the existence of God. These people go to the length of facilitating the suppression of whatever might suggest to them the need for the God they have outrightly denied.


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