A culture and tradition bastardized and heavily wounded pt 3

At what point did our forefathers went wrong to hand  us over these treasures. At what point did they offend us that their hard labors of creating an identity which is African are going drains? At what point did they commit a crime that were allowing their out pour of intelligence, creativity and ingenuity be trampled upon? We are committing a gravious sin against our ancestors and the African land.  who could believe what has happened to our title- taking  traditions who could believe what has been the state of our “Omenanis and Odinanis. who could predict or imagine how disheartened our ancestors are?

Many people today including Africans think that African cultures is a load of rubbish consequently  wherever African culture is mentioned as regards masquerades, traditional dances and festivals ,thing that comes to mind are words like mundane, barbaric, diabolic etc but when ever father Christmas, thanksgiving  day and rock dances are mentioned what  comes to mind is modern, fun, splendid etc

My fellow Africans this our chance to answer that call of back-to-land movement. The right time is now. We have gone so far, we have seen so much in the lands of the west right form colonialism when they came to us and confiscated natural resources to time of slave-trade when the exchanged our children for mirrors and  battle of hot drinks. When we foolishly and naively gave in to their Pandora box of civilization which we forgot started with us in Egypt and worst of it a gifts of poison in a golden cup called modernization, globalization and industrialization. Borrowing the words of my Grandpa Chukwemegwele Egbufoama. The road to freedom will be long, the climb may be steep”  but like Barack Obama we may not offer a magic fix to undo  the   done “there will be setbacks and false starts” it cannot happen without me and you, without new spirit of sacrifice  towards  African issues, new spirit of patriotism,responsibility towards whatever that is African that is good. Let us remember as obama  said that the true strength of our nation come not form the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth but form the enduring power of our ideals, democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding type. And Africans is by our protection of traditional African values of communalism,dignity of life, person and marriage, promotion of our medium of communication since through it  our realities can be describe.

 such that if our children should clearly be using a foreign language and not ours and  live to see the next century what change  will they see?
What progress will they have made in protecting $ projecting our cultural and traditional heritages?
How urgent and vital will they see the reclaiming and re-affirmation of our ancestral dreams of communion,  dignity of the person, life and marriage etc

And where they are met with cynicism and doubts the can lay hand on something in their cultural bank And now being faced with those  who tell us that we cant we will respond with that time less creed that sums up the spirit of a people yes, we can.

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Egbufoama Chike

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