A philosophical reflection on the Hausa language dictum: Allah hada kwa da rabonsa: let god join you with your portion or share or destiny.

A critical look from the vantage point of human history something is so evident and that is the fact that God cannot come down from heaven to join you with your portion. You have to reach out and possess your possession because heaven help those who help themselves. Many people have been brought close to their portion but they did not make themselves available for the wedding. The greatest problem here is that of patience, hope and crowned with faith but one will wonder what will happen when there is no work and at this point what comes to mind is action and this is put something into action, to carry out or bring into effect a plan or idea, doing something towards a goal. The process of doing something in order to achieve a purpose. This we shall reflect on under four principles. Here were looking at the word ‘principle’ from the point of view of way of working: the basic way in which something works. These four principles are what it takes to be joined with your portion. Without them you will feel you have no portion from God, these are the dues you have to pay. as the condutio sine qua non (conditions you cannot do without) you must get up and go into action, turn nothing to something and as you do this you will be faced with obstacle which you need to dismantle for you to get to your portion and more importantly you should mind what you think and say because they affect your disposition towards this journey to an unknown land. This is to bring to our knowledge that there is a price for every attainment in life, how much then are you prepared to pay for you attainment. 

This is not standing and walking around aimlessly, it is about you moving with focus and precision. Knowing what you want where to get it and going there straight to get it. However something worth knowing is that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. “Most beginnings are small, and appear trivial and insignificant, but in reality they are the most important things in life.” James Allen

Without a beginning you could have the greatest idea and the greatest plan in the world and you would still fail.  Whereas a modest idea and an incomplete plan often produces success when accompanied by even an

Egbufoama Chike

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