The nuts and bolts of atheism: a sagacious scrutiny cum critique into its notoriety, oddity and nihility.


These are those who know nothing at all about God or he has only a distorted notion of him. Although this is for a short period of time life may be as a child, because man natural tendency is to seek God. Even in the early days of African traditional religion thunder is the expression of God’s anger. The belief in higher being is evident in all cultures since the creation of man. There have existed as gods, goddesses, demons and spirits in all cultures. This might only be otherwise called theistic indifferentism. This is the only type pardonable according to the Catholic Church which is referred to as incapable atheism.

In dogmatic constitution on the church article 16 states this “not does divine providence deny the help necessary for salvation to those who without blame on their part have not yet arrived at an explicit knowledge of God but who strive to live a good life thanks to his grace.

More so in the domain of clearly articulated knowledge ‘expressa agnitio’ is obviously seen as a real possibility that does not remove salvation. As a theistic indifferentism as the case may be these people employ negative measures to eliminate the idea of God from their lives while leaving it, at void of any substitution. They do not see why religion should better them. It claims a total independence from God. For them if God exist at all, he should face his business.


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