The nuts and bolts of atheism: a sagacious scrutiny cum critique into its notoriety, oddity and nihility.


Atheistic tendencies can be traced to some social, intellectual, spiritual etc causes. Not infrequently atheism is an offspring of a violent protest against the evil in the world or the fact that certain human ideals are wrongfully invested with such an absolute character as to be taken for God. Modern civilization as it is evident though not in its very nature but because it is too engrossed in the concerns of this¸ world can often make it hard to approach God.

Atheism taken as a whole is not present in the mind of a person from the start. Since the dignity of man rests above all on the fact that he is called to communion with God who has created him through love and through love continues to hold him in existence. Man is a being in God and the very idea of man as an imperfect being which is indubitable presupposes the idea of a being that is perfect and that possess all good.

Atheism can emanate from a critical reaction against religions and in some spheres against Christian religion in particular. According to the second Vatican council document of “the church in modern world” article 21 when man is left without this divine support and without hope of eternal life his dignity is deeply wounded, as may so often be seen today.

Another major cause of atheism is what we may call intellectual pride when one has read and studied much that things of God or the existence of God seems irrational and non-intellectual, God now becomes a plaything such he knows God in the head i.e. academically and not in the heart. According to Cardinal Okogie Anthony of Lagos Archdiocese “we have read so much that God only exists in the head rather than in heart”. Atheism also can find its way when our request to God seems unattended to, such that the problems persist and we keep praying yet no answer. This can lead us to think out of despair that God does not really exist.

Under the socio-economic realms the modern technical progress with its sense of power, begets the atheistic tendencies in man. It insists on man’s desire for autonomy as object to any dependence on God at all. It sees freedom comprising that man is an end to himself and the sole maker with supreme control of his own history. The modern atheists saw themselves as holding the task of saving man from destructive system, from a dehumanizing theism. They advocate man’s autonomy through his economic and social emancipations. And theism thwarts such emancipation by raising man’s hope of a higher being thus deceiving him and discouraging him from working for a better form of life on earth. As many think that instead of putting time in prayer to provide for you rather added more hours to your work time to earn more money.

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