The epoch of redivivus of Igbo heritages: a challenge of Igbo youths today

Eziokwu dika ehihie (efifie). Truth is like noondayThis is showcasing the fact that truth is self-evident and there is nothing anybody can do to destroy it. Anaghị eli eziokwu n'ala : Truth cannot be buried in the ground.This enunciates the indestructible character of truth. You cannot suppress it.Eziokwu na'elu ilu Truth is bitter. This is the quality of truth that makes it that nobody likes it especially when is directed at you.this is the quality that creates enmity between the sayer and the hearer All traditional societies have a strong moral orientation in their conception of truth. Truth sustains relationships with God, the deities and their fellow men. Truth is paramount in Igbo life and they believe it is what gives life to any society.Traditional Igbo society is built on truth and the basis of this is trust which is primarily dependent on the ability of the individual members to tell the truth to one another. It is the basis of our faith in God and in people. Truth is the foundation of any Igbo community. The greater the tendency to lie in a society, the greater will be the social disorder which no doubt increases the tendency to lie. For nwanna Osuagwu “A truth – telling society would be a highly ordered society.” “A better ordering of society would enhance the tendency of its members to tell the truth.” The Igbo use the ọfọ symbol to designate truth and justice as a principle of life. The Igbo say:Ọfọ ka ide ji awa ala Truth and justice are the content of lifeOji ọfọ anaghị atọ n'ije The man of truth is never stranded in a journey In these sayings, the Igbo are emphasizing the centrality of truth in human relationship, organization and morality. This is further made obvious in the Igbo saying: Ezi okwu bụ ndụ Truth is lifeThe commitment to Truth is a fundamental in Igbo traditional belief without which there would be neither regard nor respect for human life and dignity.

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