The epoch of redivivus of Igbo heritages: a challenge of Igbo youths today

The glaring thing here is continuity and preservation, but the mega million questions is what do you preserve? why do you do that? The simple answer is you preserve that which is very vital to your living and guarantee authentic existence as a person and to a larger group. you do preserve this not just for the sake of mere continuity but because it forms your basic identity and makes you have a sense of belonging because you have something to hold on to as coming from those who did what you are doing before now. Though there are times when the zeal to preserve these heritages grows wane and such is the raison d’etre of this write up as we try to recuperate the indispensability and paramountcy of these values inherited from our ancestors as regards the pan- Igbo identity. The Igbo adage goes that, ‘the goat that is been carried to market for sale is not crying that the person will leave him but is for the world to hear his voice. This is a cry for the world to hear and for the Igbo youths to reclaim the ‘who they are’ because in every Igbo reality enwere ihe mere ihe ji buru ihe ga abu ihe ozo(what individuates a thing). Below here are what I call the tetra-heritage which are loosing their importance among Igbo youths today.


Egbufoama Chike

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