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Conducting a GAP Analysis for HACS

Recently, nearly all courier services are striving to deliver quality services to its customers in order to survive the ongoing competitive edge in the global market. This is true in the case of Here Already Courier Service (HACS), a courier company that is growing from a small customer base in Hurstville. Owning to the fact that this company has been noted for its efficient services, moreover, they are currently expanding their services for a more satisfying and valuable service. These current changes necessitate the company to analyze the present and desired state and to determine the difference between where they are and where they would like to be.In this analysis, the current and desired state of HACS network will be identified by conducting gap analysis. However, I will compare the two states; identify locations of new devices, and suggest those aspects that need to be changed, and those that need to be replaced and those that may be retained.
Currently, Here Already Courier Service (HACS) has up to 4,000 vehicles and delivers over 200,000 parcels a day. Although this goods and services provided by HACS are still giving some logistic faults to Drivers, as orders are confused and drivers, get lost. HACS implemented a mobile communications network solution with a centralized database. Through cellular technology package-delivery, information is transmitted from the company’s 4,000 vehicles to the HACS mainframe repository in Hurstville NSW , thus enabling HACS to provide same-day package-tracking information for all air and ground packages. Apart from the fact that they implemented mobile Communication,, HACS uses scanner to read and transmit parcel information in the database HACS also make use of the barcode system for tracking although this is not very reliable and efficient. In addition,HACS manually orders and manages their supplies. To rectify all this problems, HACS wishes to advance more in order to solve most of the pressing issues that is currently facing his company 
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