Colonialism: the Greek gift given to mama Africa

O! Poor mama how could she have known that those who she looked onto as saving were practically gold diggers who have come to reap where they did not sow? She gave in to their advanced fraud (410). Permit me to call it 410 rather than 419 because they came in the guise of offering something good.
O! Poor mama who will blame her since she was not familiar with the old saying ‘beware of Greeks bearing gifts i.e. be careful of possible treachery from somebody who appears to be kind

There is a continuous pain in my heart when I try to recall the history of how mama Africa was “raped without her consent” all in the name of bringing development. the saying goes that nothing goes for nothing but what will such a situation like that of mama Africa be describe as, since she lacked idea of what they deal was, she has no reason to be blamed since the lurer made it look like it was a gift without strings attached. The raison d’etre of colonialism was more of a selfish interest than selfless,

Colonialism is a practice of ruling nations as colonies: a policy in which a country rules other nations and develops trade for its own benefit. this could further be described, as one country’s domination of another country or people—usually achieved through aggressive, often military, actions—and the territory acquired in this manner. But for the purpose of this write up I see the words of the son of mama Africa as suitable “that the most serious blow suffered by the colonized is, being removed from history and from the community.”[1] To be colonized according to Walter “is to be removed from history”[2] and this gave Westerners like George Hegel though a child of its own epoch to hold that Africa has no history.

Egbufoama Chike

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