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Youth entrepreneurship is fundamental to the economic growth of Africa as a country

Entrepreneurship is a key driver in our economy. At the economic level, entrepreneurship stimulates markets. The creation of new businesses leads to further job creation and employment opportunities. At the social level, entrepreneurship empowers communities and its people. It also fosters innovation and changes the mindsets of citizens.

Enterprising young Africans must apply their minds to generating new wealth and more jobs for the masses.

While there is no quick fix to youth unemployment, we cannot wait and hope that the government will do this for us. Youth Action is required!

Now, more than ever, the youth must take the lead. The youth must create forward-thinking and wealth-creating nations. The focus should be on entrepreneurial activity, which will shape their destinies as they go along. By taking the lead, the youth can actively assist in addressing youth unemployment; fostering a spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurial culture, and expand economic opportunities to millions of young people, their families and their communities.

The youth of Africa need to realise that this country belongs to us. What we do now, will have a lasting effect on our lives as well as the lives of the generation to come. There are many stories of great African entrepreneurs who worked hard and never gave up despite the odds. This proves that you can be successful and make an impact despite your situation and circumstances at the time. Many of these stories go untold but the point is, if they can do it, so can you.

We the youth, or rather the potential of the youths’ minds, are the greatest assets that Africa has. We need to equip ourselves and take this continent to a new higher level. Mother Africa is filled with opportunity and it is waiting for us to step up! However, our leaders, governments and decision makers need to also play their part. They need to instil the value of entrepreneurship at grass roots level and create an environment that is conducive to and supportive of (youth) entrepreneurship endeavours.

Youth entrepreneurship is fundamental to the economic growth of Africa as a country.

When we improve the economic conditions of our lives it automatically leads to the economic and social improvement of those close to us. All that is left is for each of us to take the first steps. These are:

Empower and educate yourself: take matters into your own hands. Do what you can with what you have. If you do not have the available resources for formal education, use what is around you.
Read books, newspapers, and etcetera. There are many free tools and information on the internet
Speak to people: Get a mentor. Network and get your ideas and thoughts out there
Be generous. Give of yourself, your time, energy, knowledge to someone in need. The more you give, the more you receive
Support other youth businesses out there. We need to help each other rise up

Young Africans — we are a continent of strong-willed, beautiful people. Let’s put our energies into the right things. It is our time.

Rise up young Africans. Follow your dream. Shape your own destiny and stand together in taking our Africa to the next level.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
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