The age of achievement: Celebration of 50 Years of Nigerian Independence

The Age of Achievement is conceived as an opportunity for Africa to be celebrated using the occasion of 50 Years of Nigerian Independence Anniversary.
The idea is to celebrate every African inventor and achiever through the common forum of seeing how far the continent has come in the struggles within and from outside its frontiers. This occasion is the commencement of an epoch-making, a process that is planned to be sustained for the foreseeable future. Using occasions like this to recognize, award and reward excellence in various fields of human endeavour by an African or focusing on Africa would help to lay the foundation of indigenous African development. The next phase is to involve African Union (AU), NEPAD, UNECA and conglomerates and investors in Africa to patronise the products of African intellectual efforts. Fortunately, the planned event is engaging these groups in the 2010 event – so, the programme promises to be a huge success.
Every known human civilization has had to set some parameters of defining how best to solve their problems. Competitions are known to have been used by various civilisations at critical stages of their development. Africa can start now and that is the idea of the programme being planned. It is better late than never in Africa: there is a huge potential for the continent at this time in history. Come celebrate with us – whether you are an African American, African Caribbean, African based in Africa or the diaspora, the occasion is for all friends of Africa to come together and celebrate our achievers…
Date : From September 26 – October 01, 2010,
Place: London is the place for celebration of true African Age of Achievement.
Be there!


Ade Adewolu

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