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The tribal emancipation of ndi Igbo from northern domination -part 3


Having explored the legacy of casting down, I must at this juncture urge you to develop alternative mode of overcoming tribalism and injustice. In a tribally founded society, adaptation has been found an alternative to peace and happiness. Adaptation in a tribal economy requires patience and skills because happiness is not guaranteed unless people develop specific skills and autonomy. The skill I mean is establishing your own merchandize and become an employer of yourself in a specific area of specialization/ establishing your very self than submitting your wimps and caprices to others in the society.  If every Christian effort fails, Ndi Igbo must develop skills and adaptation to keep their businesses thriving even in the remotest part of the North because the country belong to all-North, South, East and West.  In this case, Ndi Igbo must empower themselves even when they found there is no light at the other end of the tunnel. If you must survive and empower another, you must follow the principle and dynamism of collective adaptation. Every living thing on earth needs a place to live where its needs can be met in order to thrive and survive. An environment is the surroundings in which an organism lives. It is an environment in which humans survive. If all the needs of an organism are not met in an environment, its survival is in great danger. Many plants and animals have special features which allow them to survive in a particular habitat. If the North happens to be your habitat, then you must develop adaptation to religious intolerance. You must develop adaptation to radical confrontation at market places and in your churches. If the north happens to be your habitat, you must develop adaptation to the harsh dry weather and the burning of houses and churches. Animals speak the language of environmental adaptation. Birds live in many different types of habitat. Some birds, such as penguins live in very cold areas while others, such as Flamingo lives where it is hot like in Northern Nigeria. As part of adaptation and survival, many of these birds fly-to catch food and to escape predators. Bird’s beaks are adaptation that enables birds to survive in their chosen habitat.  A lion could not survive in Antarctica-reason is that it is too cold because the lion’s prey does not live there. Therefore, different habitat offers different resources. A resource is something that a living thing can use. Almost anything in a habitat has resources, but each kind of living thing needs the resources that are right for it. Ndi Igbo must develop courage to accept themselves as infidels even when they seek for finance and resource to sustain themselves and families. Ndi Igbo are to find a way to overcome these challenges and move on. A fish has grills to obtain oxygen from its watery environment. A frog has a slime coat to keep its skin from dying out. Acactus has special parts that allow it to store water for a period of time. Other plants have colorful fragrant that blossoms to attract insects. All these special parts are adaptations that help organisms survive in their environments. Like these animals, Ndi Igbo must develop adaptation that will help them survive challenges in their Northern habitat. While I continue to persuade you to develop adaptation relevant to your own habitat experience, I will not fail to persuade you to cast down.

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